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Unplanned Pregnancy?

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We provide women and men with confidential pregnancy support completely free of charge. 

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You are not alone. Our compassionate social workers offer pregnancy support by assisting you in working through any fears, concerns, or questions you may have as you explore your parenting and adoption options. We help you make the best decision for you and your baby. 

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The help that we will provide you will be specific to meeting your needs. We respect you and know that every person’s story is unique.  We often help moms by providing education about pregnancy and child development.  We connect moms with resources to make sure that they have nutritious food, stable housing, and are receiving medical care.  We offer education on the options of parenting and adoption, and provide support and encouragement while YOU make decisions that are best for you and your baby.  We support moms through labor and delivery and for as long as needed after your baby is born.  If you choose to make an adoption plan for your baby, we will help connect you with a loving, home study approved family.  What we don’t do is pressure or judge you.  We are here to help in what is often a stressful time in a woman’s life.

Yes, what you are referring to is called “openness.”  There are many levels of openness that you can choose from when making an adoption plan for your baby.  They range from receiving pictures and letters on a regular basis throughout your child’s life to having visits and direct communication with the family that you choose to raise your child.  The birth parent(s) are the ones who choose the family and choose what level of openness they would like in their adoption.    

No, the PPAS program works with women and men of all faiths.

Absolutely not!  We will help you in the decision making process by asking questions, providing the information you need to make an informed decision, and by allowing you the time needed to determine what is best for you and your baby.  We will not pressure you or try to persuade you.  About half of the women we work with choose to parent and about half choose to make an adoption plan.

Under North Dakota law, the alleged father(s) of a baby have to be given notice of an adoption plan.  Our staff attempts to contact and meet with the alleged father(s) regarding your desire to make an adoption plan.  If you do not know who the father of the baby is or how to locate him, there are other legal options that we can assist you with.   

Yes.  Some women reach out to our agency with a relative or other family already identified that they would like to have adopt their child.  In these situations, Catholic Charities assists both the adoptive family and the birth family with their adoption plan.  Some women reach out to our agency in search of a loving family to raise their child.  Our agency has a number of families waiting to love and care for your child.  Our waiting families have already been through an intensive home study process and have been approved to adopt a baby.  You will be able to view their profiles and select the family that you feel would be the best option for your adoption plan.

Keeping children connected with their Native American culture is very important and plays an important role in the adoption process.  A federal law, referred to as ICWA (the Indian Child Welfare Act), requires Native Americans wishing to make an adoption plan for their child to notify their tribe and to give preference to family members, tribal members, and other Native American families when selecting a family to adopt the baby.

Do I have to tell my parents that I am pregnant? Can my parents force me to make an adoption plan? Can my parents prevent me from making an adoption plan?

We are able to work with anyone who is pregnant even if they are under the age of 18.  If you are a minor, we will work with you regarding the best ways to talk to your parents.  As the expectant mother of your child, you will make all decisions regarding making an adoption plan or choosing to parent. 

There is no specific timeline for when your final decision regarding parenting or adoption needs to be made.  It is important for you to contact us as soon as possible so we can help you make an informed decision, but that being said, sometimes we are called after the baby is born and that is just fine too. 

Catholic Charities North Dakota has offices in Bismarck, Minot, Fargo, and Grand Forks.  As getting to one of these offices isn’t always possible, just give us a call and we can figure out a location to meet that is more convenient for you. 

The decision to make an adoption plan in not final until a court hearing to terminate your parental rights has occurred.  This is a special court hearing held a few days to a few weeks after the baby is born. 

There are no fees for birth parents working with the pregnancy, parenting, or adoption services program at Catholic Charities North Dakota. 

Yes, we will help you get ready for baby!  We can pass along donated baby supplies and provide parenting education to help you be the best parent possible.  We are here to walk this journey with you, and we will offer support throughout your pregnancy, during labor and delivery, and even after your baby is born. 

Supporting You Through Your Unplanned Pregnancy.

Contact a Social Worker and we’ll help you make the best decision for you and your baby.

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Our Social Workers

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"My worker was amazing. She went above and beyond to help me during and after my pregnancy."
-A Birth Mom
"They walked us through the adoption step by step, told us what to expect, helped us find the perfect family. Our worker was with us in the hospital, through the birth and has stayed in touch ever since."
-A Birth Mom
"They saved my life and helped me to prepare for my son. They have been there for me through a critical transition in my life and without them I don’t think I would have my beautiful son and this opportunity to be a mom."
-A Birth Mom

Planned or Unplanned. We are here to support you no matter what your journey may be.