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September 26-27 - Catholic Charities North Dakota Sunday!

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Catholic Charities North Dakota Sunday, September 26-27th

Every parish in North Dakota will have the opportunity to participate in Catholic Charities Sunday this year.  The Fargo and Bismarck Dioceses will celebrate during the weekend of September 26-27.  Although a new event for North Dakota, the tradition of holding a Catholic Charities Sunday to raise awareness and support of these services has been growing across the United States.

During Catholic Charities Sunday, a short video presentation will be shown in each parish and then parishioners will join together in prayer for the clients, staff, and supporters of our Catholic Charities North Dakota.  Parishioners will also have an opportunity to learn more about this ministry and support the work of faith in action, serving North Dakota!


img_02.jpgThank you for all your hard work delivering Braden to our arms.  I never dreamed I could fall in love so quickly.  He is an angel.  People like you change lives. 

In today's demanding and challenging society, it is far too easy to fall victim of losing focus on the basic principles of life.  Through the concepts and teachings of my counselor and Catholic Charities, I have learned what it is to be mindful and spiritual, to apply the lessons learned, and become a better man, husband, and father.  Today with this new understanding, I see a positive change in myself and my family, and am blessed to have this in my life.