Sts. Anne & Joachim hosts Crib Project

Donations received from Sts. Anne & Joachim Church.

Sts. Anne & Joachim recently hosted Catholic Charities’ Crib Project where essential baby items were received to help the clients served in our Pregnancy, Parenting, and Adoption Services Program. Thank you so much to all who helped with our crib project as we received many, many baby items including clothing, blankets, bottles, and cash gifts.  We also received over 1,000 diapers and over 5,000 baby wip

Each year we help more than 30 pregnancy clients who come to us in need of support to parent or make an adoption plan for their new babies, and additional community members in need of these baby items.

Our staff and clients are truly grateful for these gifts – the huge smiles on the new moms’ faces when they receive a beautiful new blanket, very cute new baby clothes, or the diapers and supplies they need but can’t afford is truly priceless!

If your church or business would like to host the Crib Project, please give our office a call at 701-235-4457 and talk to Kris!