Pregnancy & Parenting Services

Pregnant? Feeling unprepared? Scared?
We can help!
Services are free, confidential,
and open to all faiths.

How will you tell your parents? What about the father? Should you consider parenting? Adoption? It is our hope that no woman would have to walk this journey alone, that every woman would know that choosing life for her baby can lead to beautiful possibilities.

What you can expect:

Our compassionate social workers will assist you in working through any fears, concerns or questions you may have as you explore your parenting and adoption options.

We are available to assist you in making the best plan for you and your baby by getting to know you and your hopes for the future.

What We Provide:
  • Decision-making counseling
  • Parenting education and preparation
  • Adoption education and planning
  • Qualified adoptive families
  • Community referrals
  • Services for both expectant parents

Contact a Social Worker

Our licensed social workers are available to assist women and their families in making the best plan for their baby’s future. We offer support and education on both parenting and adoption. Email us at or call 701-235-4457.