Post Adoption Search & Disclosure

Post Adoption Search and Disclosure services are offered to adopted adults, birth parents, and biological siblings of adopted adults whose adoptions were completed through Catholic Charities North Dakota*.

Our social workers share in this emotional journey with clients as they learn non-identifying information, obtain updated medical information, and/or explore new relationships with their birth families.

Who May Search?
  • An adopted adult who is 18 years of age or older
  • A birth parent who has terminated parental rights to a child and that child has reached twenty-one years of age
  • Birth siblings after the adopted individual is twenty-one years old with the written consent of the mutual birth parent
  • The adult child of a deceased adopted adult
Types of Searches:
  • Non-Identifying: Catholic Charities North Dakota will provide a letter containing information such as physical description, education, interests, health, race, and ethnicity of the birth family. This information is typically provided to the agency at the time of the adoption.
    Fee: $100
  • Identifying**: Catholic Charities North Dakota will attempt to contact the individual to ask if they would be willing to provide updated medical information and/or if they are open to contact with the searcher either directly or indirectly through the agency.
    Fee: $500 (includes non-identifying search)

To learn more about the post adoption search and disclosure process or to request the forms needed to begin the process, contact Kris Haycraft at #701-235-4457 or via email at

*Catholic Charities North Dakota was previously known as Catholic Welfare Bureau of the Diocese of Fargo, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Fargo, and Catholic Family Service.

**If you need current medical information, you need to complete an identifying search.

Start Your Post Adoption Search

Ready to get going on your post adoption search and disclosure? Contact Kris Haycraft at (701) 235-4457 or via email to get the process started.