Encouragement for our Farm Families!

Dear Friends of Catholic Charities North Dakota,

A growing number of you have expressed your concern for our farmers.  We believe there is great strength in community and want to help support the farmers who are the bedrock of so many communities here in North Dakota!  We are looking at ways we can assist such as through counseling services.  We also want to offer and encourage others to join us in their thoughts and prayers for all of our farm families and those who depend on them in our wonderful rural communities that may be struggling at this time.

A Blessing for our Farm Families

God of the earth we walk on and the heavens above,
Our state and our country were founded by farmers,
They are the foundation of our families and towns,
Their faith leads our churches and communities,
And we rely upon them as they rely upon You.

Lord of all please bless and protect our farmers,
Give them good weather to raise their crops,
And the grace to weather storms they face,
Give them plenty of rain but not too much,
Sun to warm their faces and their fields,
Your peace in their homes and schools,
The hope to never give up their dreams,
And the gift of faith to know You more.