Celebrating Birth Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a beautiful tradition, a way to honor those who fill the role of “mother” in each of our lives. For some women, the beauty of Mother’s Day carries with it mixed emotions. The joy for the mother’s in their lives or for the opportunity to be a mother is coupled with a longing for the child they have struggled to conceive or grief for a child they have lost.

Mothers who have chosen to make an adoption plan for a child often experience similar mixed emotions around Mother’s Day. As society has recognized this, there is a national day each year dedicated to honoring Birth Mothers, to celebrate with them the role that they played in giving their child life and loving them enough to make a plan for their future.

Each year on the Saturday before Mother’s Day, we celebrate Birth Mother’s Day. As we have thankful hearts throughout the year for these brave women who have made the loving choice to make an adoption plan for their child, Birth Mother’s Day allows us a day to be intentional in honoring her. It is a day when we can pray for her, when we can talk with our children about the love of their birth mother, and many times, we can reach out to her directly to send our love through a note and pictures or a phone call.

Birth Mothers deserve to be celebrated, to be honored, and Catholic Charities North Dakota would like to take the opportunity to honor each and every woman who has made an adoption plan for their child. Our respect for you and for the choices that you have made are greater than any words could ever describe. You are amazing!  You have given your child life, a future, and love!

So as we take time this weekend to honor those “mothers” in our lives, please be intentional to celebrate with all mothers, those who carry their children in their arms and those who carry their children in their hearts. Reach out to birth mothers this Mother’s Day weekend and remind them of how important their role is in their child’s life, how much respect you have for their character, and how much they are loved.

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