3 Presentation Sisters Honored

The Presentation Sisters began Riverview Place in 1987 as a retirement community where seniors could live full, meaningful lives as they continued in the aging process. Their dream was to create an environment that nourished body, mind, and spirit.

Born in Ireland, Sister Agatha came to the United States at the age of 17. After her initial vows, Sr. Agatha began her nurses’ training and has worked in nursing ever since. In 1987 she came to Riverview Place as an assistant administrator then Director of Nursing. Her strong leadership and compassion for the residents have shaped the faith values and the outstanding reputation at Riverview.

Also born in Ireland, Sister Josephine has been an outstanding servant for the dignity of the individual. Trained as an elementary teacher, Sr. Josephine educated everyone every day about the dignity of the individual at Riverview. As director of food services in the famous Dining Room at Riverview, her staff were always prepared to professionally serve meals. From the iron pressed table linens to the detailed menus to the famous caramel rolls served every Sunday, Sr. Josephine made so much happen.

Sister Mary is from New Rockford, ND and has a special care for “God’s Creation”. Trained as a nurse, Sr. Mary understands the balance of the living plants on this Earth and the aesthetics of the non-living. She was responsible for the environment both inside and outside at Riverview Place. The physical beauty and care required at Riverview were a daily companion noticed by all who lived and visited.

When residents, family or friends of residents hear the names of Sister Agatha, Sister Josephine, or Sister Mary, words that come to mind are: thoughtful, vigilant, caring, Christ-like, advocate, compassionate, loving, generous, tender hearted, spiritual, welcoming, and servant-minded, just to name a few.

Sister Agatha Lucey, Sister Josephine Brennan, and Sister Mary Beauclair are receiving the Catholic Charities North Dakota Caritas Award because of their outstanding service, love, and respect for humanity. Living in the life of the Catholic social teachings for over 28 years, they provided God’s love and care at Riverview Place in Fargo, ND.