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Guardianship Services provides several protective service options designed to meet the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities across North Dakota.  These services are provided by licensed professional staff and are based on the specific needs of the individual.

Guardians act in the best interest of vulnerable adults who are unable to make their own decisions.  Our program’s guardians not only help with important decisions, but also foster the highest degree of independence possible.  As a full or limited guardian, guardianship services may include:

  • Case Monitoring
  • Advocacy
  • Service monitoring
  • Personal contact and interaction
  • Education and consultation
  • Support and assistance in decision making
  • 24 hour emergency/assistance line
  • Other responsibilities outlined by the court

For more information on the Guardianship Program please contact Donna Byzewski, Program Director at (701)235-4457 or by email.


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What is Guardianship?

Frequently Asked Questions about Guardianship.