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The Counselors at Catholic Charities North Dakota The Counselors at Catholic Charities North Dakota strive to provide supportive relationships to individuals, couples, and families struggling with a variety of challenges.  Our Counseling Services provide a safe, holistic environment with a professional Counselor who encourages clients to discover their own strengths, and to identify resources to meet their needs.

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There are many reasons people seek the help of a Counselor.  To contact us call 701-235-4457 or email Below are some of the most common issues that people may seek Counseling for.




  • Are you worrying constantly over routine issues?
  • Are you having trouble sleeping or feeling easily annoyed?
  • Is it hard to “shut your brain off” at night?


You, along with millions of other people may have an issue with anxiety or an anxiety disorder.  There is hope and a wide variety of strategies to cope with anxiety.  Contact a Catholic Charities North Dakota Counselor to begin learning about the best approach for you.


  • Are you experiencing a lack of interest in things you used to enjoy?
  • Are you feeling very sad or blue most of the time?
  • Are you feeling tired, fatigued and having difficulty concentrating?


You may be experiencing symptoms of depression.  There are many causes for depression.  It is not your fault and it doesn’t mean you are weak or lazy.  There are some very effective treatments for depression!  Contact a Catholic Charities North Dakota Counselor to discuss your options for dealing with depression. 

  • Are you feeling broken or damaged because of something traumatic that happened to you a long time ago? 
  • Do you find yourself struggling to trust or get along with others?
  • Do you appear to be functioning “fine” on the outside but on the inside feel “if only people knew…?


If you experienced some type of abuse, neglect or trauma in your past there may be a chance that for whatever reason, you were unable to heal as completely as you would like.  Trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy may be helpful to you in addressing your past hurts and pain.  Contact a Catholic Charities North Dakota Counselor for more information.


  • Are you fighting frequently with your significant other and feel as though “it’s the same old argument” over and over?
  • Do you wish your partner could try to understand you better, show you more respect or love?
  • Do you want intimacy to be more than just sex?


Relationships with an intimate partner can be complex and hard to figure out sometimes.  It is possible to learn to communicate more effectively, understand each other more completely and feel more in love than ever!  Talk to a Catholic Charities North Dakota Counselor about improving your most important relationships.

  • Is your child complaining of frequent stomach aches or headaches?
  • Does your child cry easily or get frustrated easily?
  • Have your child’s grades dropped?  Are they being teased or excluded by others in school?
  • Is there any change in your child’s sleeping or eating habits?
  • Is your child overly active and have difficulty sitting still to complete tasks?


Your child could be struggling with a behavioral disorder such as anxiety, ADHD or some other childhood difficulty.  Children often have a hard time describing their difficulties and as a result their problems may come out in their behaviors or in physical symptoms such as headaches or stomach aches.  If you have concerns about your children, contact a Counselor at Catholic Charities North Dakota for assistance.  We have experience assisting children in expressing their difficult emotions through a variety of approaches.  Research supports the effectiveness of counseling for children experiencing a wide variety of social problems and stressors such as; divorce, death, relocation, chronic illness, physical and sexual abuse, domestic violence etc.  Talk to a Catholic Charities North Dakota Counselor to discuss your child's behaviors. 


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Before you attend your first session we do ask you to fill out the following forms.  Please click to download.

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