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Pregnancy, Parenting and Adoption Services. Providing help for those facing an unexpected pregnancy and helping couples to grow their families through adoption.

Adults Adopting Special Kids (AASK). North Dakota's foster care adoption program.

Guardianship Services. Court appointed Guardianship to adults with intellectual disabilities.

Counseling Services. Counseling services for individuals, couples and families struggling with life's challanges.

Disaster Response.Helping communities in recovering from natural disasters such as floods and tornados.



We can't even imagine our lives without Jordan.  After years of being childless, it still took a while to consider adoption.  We had many preconceived notions about how we would feel about an adopted child and what the process entailed, and the majority of those preconceived notions turned out to be wrong.

We began the adopotion process in the fall of 2009, and when we reached out to Catholic Charities, they reached back.  Our social workers made us feel right at home, and we've never had regrets.  They've helped us feel comforable with the process and really helped us understand what adoption is about.

In the spring of 2011, we received a phone call that a birth mom liked our profile and was interested in meeting us.  I was so nervous about what to say, how to present myself, and had so many sudden insecurities like "what makes me for qualified", or "why in the world would she want us".  The meeting coordinated by our social workers calmed all anxieities, and the roller coaster of becoming parents began.

We were excited, scared, nervous, over the moon, exhausted, bursting with joy, and I never knew that i would feel love for this person who had selected us to parent her child.  We have so much respect for her unselfishness and putting the needs and best interests of the child above her own. 

Jordan was born about two weeks after our initial meeting, and while we were overjoyed with the arrival of our new baby, we never even considered we would also hurt for the birth mom.  Our time together in the hospital was not only a bonding time with our baby but also with her and her family.  Since we came home a couple of months ago, we have graduated to direct contact with her, and have also received gifts in the mail from the birth grandparents.  We really feel like we gained another family.

As far as having fear of adopting a child, I can't even imagine a more perfect child to have.  I wouldn't trade anything for Jordan; she is truly my world.  Being a mother is better than anything I've experienced before, and much better than I ever thought it would be.  The growth we see each day in our child brings pure joy to our hearts.  We truly believe that this baby was meant for us, we were meant to expand our family in this way, and God has truly provided, and always will.  We are whole.

An Adoptive Mother